Electric Goose
The Roger Weeks Memorial
Electric Powered
Model Airplane Event
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We are happy to report that we have moved to our new flying field and look forward to hoasting the Electric Goose event again this year. We have acquired almost 9 acres adjacent to the Evergreen Space Museum and are currently developing it to what we hope will be one of the finest facilities in the area. This year's event will be flown off of our new grass runway and as an added bonus we have two grass Control Line circles available for flying. Come joins us on August 22nd & 23rd 2015 for a fun low key all electric flying event.
If you have any questions please contact Jeff Jones for more information.
Thank you for your support

Landing fee $10
All Saturday participants will receive a raffle ticket to Saturday’s drawings at 3:00 pm.
The landing fee covers both days of flying and one ticket for Saturday’s raffle.  After closing time on Saturday and Sunday open flying (glow or electric) is encouraged until dusk.

Current 2015 AMA membership is required!
Buddy box flying

Hosted by The Evergreen Aero Modelers (TEAM), McMinnville, OR      AMA Charter Club #4490

RC Electric Powered Model Airplane Event
August 22nd & 23rd, 2015